Using the implemented installation for washing films before recycling Herbold and a recycling installation for film Erema, we recycle waste polyethylene. Thus we increase our production capacity, optimize our production costs and improve the quality of the produced articles, which increases the degree of “closed production cycle” and reduces the cost price of the finished product.


The company has 14 mono-layer extrusion lines, 2 two-layer and one newly introduced high-performance blown film line for three-layer extrusion Hosokawa Alpine with which we produce films and sleeves in different sizes and colors depending on our customers’ requirements.


Flexo-printing is performed on a Windmöller & Hölscher line which has the option to print “front-back” with up to 6 colors, 3+3, 4+2, 5+1 colors respectively.


The company has 3 automatic machines for bags on roll, 1 automatic machine for bags on roll with possibility for 2-color inline printing, 1 automatic machine for draw-tape bags on roll (interleave), 2 automatic machines for flat bags with width up to 1600 mm and length up to 3500 mm, 1 machine for unrolling stretch film. These different types of machines give us flexibility and allow us to offer wide range and short terms for production.

  • Polyethylene film from virgin material
  • Polyethylene film from recycled material
  • Shrink film